From the highest mountains of the Alps, along the Sesia River to the rice paddies, through centuries of history.



The territory of Vercelli, situated in northeastern Piedmont, is replete with museums and ancient monuments which give full meaning to history. The natural environment is characterized by rice paddies, flatlands, wilderness reserves, natural parks, and mountains. A spectacular variety of artistic, historical and natural panoramas make the province of Vercelli a perfect place to visit.


Vercelli is subdivided into three geographical areas: the fertile plains devoted to rice cultivation; the wilderness reserve of Baraggia between the upper great Padan Plain and the start of the Sesia Valley; and the Sesia Valley itself along the Sesia River.



The area of Vercelli offers a great variety of enogastronomic products, including tasty cheeses, DOCG wines, delicious desserts and, of course, different types of rice and rice-based dishes. The territory of Vercelli boasts a long culinary tradition and hosts numerous festivals where visitors can sample its many specialties.


Vercelli is an important agricultural and commercial center, where the mechanical, textile, chemical, and food industries drive the economy. This section provides more information about the economy of Vercelli and the development of different production sectors over the last few years. It also highlights the many opportunities for future projects and investments.