1240.57 km²



Population density


N° of municipalities


Main production

Rice (Baldo and Carnaroli)

Height above mean sea level

164 m

Founded by the ancient Romans in what is now the eastern part of Piedmont, Vercelli is today a city of almost 47,000 inhabitants situated on the banks of the Sesia River in the Padan Plain, midway between Milan and Turin and to the northeast of the Po River. The territory surrounding Vercelli runs the entire length of the Sesia River and includes an unbelievable variety of landscapes and natural environments.


The entire area surrounding the town of Vercelli is flat and full of rivers and canals, such as the Cavour Canal, which guarantees the plentiful irrigation of the territory essential for rice cultivation. Although the prestige of the city mainly derives from its importance as the European rice capital both in terms of trade and production, the principal focus of its considerable industrial sector is on textiles as well as the manufacture of taps and valves. The climate is semicontinental with cold and foggy winters and hot and sultry summers. The wettest month is May, followed by November. In 2007, 44,475 people were recorded as residing in Vercelli, of whom 47.3% were male and 52.7% were female.
The Sesia River originates at an altitude of 2700 meters in Alagna, a delightful tourist resort located on Monte Rosa, and then flows down for 138 km through the province of Vercelli to the Po River.

cartina Vercelli