In Valsesia, summer is a pageant of colours: the golden yellow of the sun, the green grass and trees, the iridescent shades of the mountains, the blue sky, the emerald water, the white glaciers and of course the pink of Monte Rosa, the colour of the second highest mountain in Europe.

Hiking: this is an activity that really satisfies all, from quiet walks for families looking to enjoy green landscapes, to challenging routes for experienced hikers.

Paragliding: people have always dreamt of flying, of conquering the sky, of getting closer to the clouds and enjoying breathtaking landscapes from above. What are you waiting for? Experience the adrenaline rush that only paragliding over Valsesia can offer you! There are qualified instructors ready to teach you how to take off on your own, as well as two-seater guides ready to fly with you as you live an unforgettable experience!

Mountain biking, trials and other: there’s fun to be had from the most challenging mountain bike routes or the long but pleasant paths between rice fields and vineyards, to the cycling tours in the city or in parks suitable for the whole family.

Rock Climbing: the great variety of walls for rock climbers makes Valsesia a must-see for lovers of free climbing. Equipped rock walls are located all along the valley and offer varying degrees of difficulty; if desired, climbing can also be practiced on artificial walls.